Immunity Giloy Sticks - 30g

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Giloy/ Amruth - 'Ayurvedic Miracle Root of Immunity’. Curative, Immunity Booster. Diabetic friendly. Metabolism enhancer.

How to Use : Take one stick everyday and cut into small pieces with a scissor. Crush the sticks and soak in water over night. Soaking even for upto 30 mins is good enough. Heat water with sticks in the morning and have first thing in the morning with freshly squeezed lime. Add jaggery powder to decoction. Honey can be added only when luke warm. Keep having Giloy/Amruth tea , over and over again throughout the day with freshly squeezed lemon each time. Consume giloy/Amruth Immunity tea three/four times a day. Add turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, clove,ginger,vasa leaves , pan leaves, to this immunity tea (optional).

Health Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergic, Anti-septic. Boosts immunity. Antioxidant. Blood purifier. Helps reduce blood sugar levels & symptoms of COVID, dengue, swine flu & malaria. Improves digestion. Reduces stress and anxiety. Fights arthritis, respiratory illnesses, asthamatic symptoms. 

The above info has been put together in consultation with Naturopath, Punam Jain.