Ambemohar Rice

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All Time Favourite Khichuri
Vegetarian recipe prepared with a lot of ghee & vegetables. Boil the rice & bring it to a simmer. Add turmeric, nuts, raisins, cardamom, nutmeg powder & green peas to the boiling rice. Khichuri is deliciously hot & well served with some tasty vegetables and papad.

Health Benefits
Power house of protein. Rich in anti-oxidants, ascorbic acid, vitamins, thiamine & minerals. (S. Roy et al, 2018)

How to Use
Gobindobhog rice is a staple of West Bengal & is known for its exotic aroma and flavorful taste. Boiled Rice served with dal, vegetable curry, soup, salad’s, risotto etc.

Store in glass, steel or ceramic container in a cool dry place.