Heirloom, Handpounded, Desi Chana : 500 g

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Indigenous seed, Grown by small farmers. Immunity Booster. Packed with goodness -proteins, minerals and vitamins! Product of Natural Farming.

 Community Impact: Organically grown by NPOP certified farmers, practicing natural farming.

Health Benefits: Both cuisine and medicine, according to Ayurveda, Desi chana balances the three doshas.  “High quality protein. Rich in dietary fibres. Excellent source of vitamins, Helps cure Type 2 diabetes and cancer. Packed with nutrition. Digestion friendly.”  (Jukanti et.al. 2012)                                                                          Heart Friendly, balances cholesterol, Blood pressure regulator, Liver detox.

 How to use: Used to prepare curries, breakfast sprouts and in salads, hummus, nutritious mixed bowls, burgers, wraps, When roasted, a popular all-time desi snack.

Recipe: Breakfast Chana Sprouts

 Wash; soak a bowl of Desi chana in just enough water to cover for 1 or 2 hrs.  When soaked, remove excess water. Use this water in soups or curries. Leave chana covered at room temperature for a day and a night. You will find they have sprouted. To prepare toss for 1-2 mins in 1 tsp oil/ghee, tempered with ½ tsp jeera, haldi. Add salt to taste and ½ to 1 tsp grated ginger, chopped onion, coriander, mint. Squeeze ½ a lemon or ½ tsp juice. Mix and serve.

Storage: Store in cool dry place in glass or steel jar preferably