Cold Pressed Coconut Oil : 1 L

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Coconut oil

Cold pressed (Grandmas Ancient health remedy!)

Taru coconut oil is produced by cold pressed method in which coconut meat is pressed mechanically, with a temperature not exceeding 50°C, to ensure nutrition benefits are preserved. The cold pressed coconut oil is not refined, processed or deodorized, making it a product of unique premium quality!

Health Benefits
Maintains healthy skin and hair. Improves general condition in cancer and reduces undesirable effects of chemotherapy. Preventing various cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. Doesn’t contribute to increase in LDL level. Boosts brain functioning i n Alzheimer’s patients. Antioxidant , Rich in Flavonoids and other polyphenols.

Sourced by Taru naturals and Handmade with love and care by women, employed at community owned wooden pressing unit.The proceeds support livelihood generation activities of small scale farming communities in Kerala and Maharashtra.

How to Use
Use in daily cooking, for making chutney, salads, veggies, dosa, smoothy, etc. Best for skin, hair applications and body massage for infants. Apply on body before bath, to reduce pitta.