A2 Desi Cow Ghee : 500 g

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Taru desi cow ghee is sourced from small farmers having their own cows in Talukas of Pune district in Maharashtra. Desi cow milk is considered to be the best milk after the mother’s milk and no wonder the cow is considered as ‘MOTHER’ in all our ancient texts. Human mother milk has A2 vitamins which provides complete nutrition. The desi local cows are the only cow’s having A2 vitamins in their milk.

Jersey or Holstein (Mixed breeds) milk contains A1 vitamin which is harmful to health.
Ghee prepared from this milk, even if pure or homemade is not as beneficial.

Unlike the ghee made at our homes these days directly from malai, this ghee is made in the traditional method from churning buttermilk, thus producing a delicious and nutritious product with low cholesterol.

This desi cow ghee balances the Pitta (heat) element, maintains hormonal balance due to being rich in vitamin K2 along with A, D, E&K vitamins.

How to Use: 1 tsp of Taru desi ghee daily can be given to strengthening immunity, bones and as a detox,  as has been a traditional practice through ages.