Jaggery Powder : 500 g

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Nature’s own Desi Comfort Food since Time Immemorial. Immunity Booster.

Product of Zero Budget Natural Farming. Mixed cropping of sugarcane with turmeric on organic small-scale farms. Replace white sugar with wholesome jaggery and say hello to good health! Rich in natural Iron 0.21, calcium 218.12 & other minerals per 100g.

Community Impact: Desaiji, is a National award winner for innovating Natural ‘Sun Farming’  technique, using five elements of nature in growing. He runs an Organic Farmers Association with 500+ members.

Processing: Community processed sugarcane juice with natural herbs & wild okhra. Quality monitored.

Health Benefits: Jaggery has Micro nutrients that possess anti-toxic & anti-carcinogenic properties. Made up of predominantly sucrose, mineral salts, iron. Recommended in case of iron deficiency anaemia. Longer chains of sucrose digest slowly & energy release is slow. Rich in mineral salts. Easy to digest. Treats throat, lung infections. Easily dissolved, balances the deficiency of sugar level.(Nath et al 2015). Jaggery is a cleansing agent, immunity booster, regulates body temperature, treats cold and cough; and reduces PMS symptoms. In herbal and Ayurvedic medicines, refined sugar can cancel out many health benefits. Jaggery adds value and complements all medicinal preparations.

How to Use: Healthier replacement to white & brown sugar. Add to teas, coffee, milk, after removing from heat. Doesn’t curdle or change in taste. Add to desserts, cereals, daily meals as accompaniment, in curd, sweet, sour and savoury dishes, dals, sambhar, rasam, Gujarati Kadhi. Excellent results in baking, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, confectionary, mithais. Add to chutneys and pickles. As an energy food, start children on healthy jaggery instead of nutritionless refined white sugar. 

Storage: Store in glass, steel or ceramic. Jaggery gains merit as it gets older. Has a long shelf life. Store in a cool dry place.