Vegan Buckwheat Pancake Mix : 150 g

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Quantity - 150 grams

Wholesome Breakfast. Complete Nutrition. Grown by small scale farmers from Maharashtra, Practising Natural Farming.

Community Impact
Organically grown by small scale farmer groups from Chattisgarh, Maharashtra & Uttarakhand.

Buckwheat flour, chickpea flour, fenugreek seeds.

Health Benefits 
Rich in complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre. Rich source of protiens, Vitamin B and minerals. Excellent source of magnesium which improves circulation and helps to protect against heart diseases. Controls blood sugar and ideal for diabetics. A regular diet of buckwheat actually prevents gallstones. Anti-oxidant and rich in flavanoids.

How to Use
Prepare batter with 2 cups of buckwheat pancake mix, salt to taste & water. For better results add half to one cup curd or butter milk. Stir well & keep aside for 5 - 15 mins. Heat pan, grease with little oil. Spread one ladleful batter on pan. Cover pan till it farms & flip. Serve with chutney, syrup, jam, vegetables.

Recipe  : 

Take 2 Medium size bowls.

In 1st bowl, whisk together 150 g of buckwheat pancake mix, salt & jaggery powder to taste. For fluffy pancakes, add pinch of baking powder. For taste add vanilla essence, cinnamon, chocolate or fruit powder.

Take another bowl, stir 1 Egg (optional), melted Butter (preferably Vegan Butter) with any of these options : 1 Cup - water/ milk / butter milk / vegan milk.

Add wet batter to dry ingredients. Stir to blend to make a smooth batter. Do not over mix. Keep aside final batter for 15 mins.

Pre - heat pan. Grease with little oil, butter or desi ghee. Spread one ladleful batter on pan. Spread thinly & evenly in a round shape. Cover pan till it firms & flip. Serve with chutney, jaggery powder, maple syrup, vegan butter, jam, vegetables.