Urad Dal Chilka - 500 g

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Quanity - 500 g

Iron rich Energy Booster! ‘Nutritive’, Protein-rich dal.  Product of Natural Farming.

Community impact: Organically grown by NPOP certified farmers, practicing natural farming.

Processing: Manually cleaned by small scale women farmers.

Health Benefits: Rich in proteins, carbohydrates and Vitamin B. Contains high quantities of iron, folic acid, fibre, magnesium and potassium. Improves bone health and digestion. Diabetic-friendly. Maintains cholesterol and improves blood circulation, heart healthy. Strengthens the nervous system and reduces pain and inflammation. Improves skin and hair health.

How to Use: Cook as daily dal for lunch. Used for different variations in other dals, vadas, poori,  pongals, pakodis, curries, kadhi, kanji, laddoo and other sweet dishes. Dosas, pancakes, idlis, cheelas. In absence of whole urad, use in Dal Makhni. 

Recipe: Urad Dal Laddoo

Ingredients – 1 cup Urad dal, 1 Cup Taru Khandsari/Jaggery, Cardamom (to taste), ½ cup Taru Desi Ghee

Method - Dry roast the urad dal till aromatic. Grind into powder. Roast lightly in the ghee for a few minutes, stirring all the time. Add the Khandsari/jaggery and cardamom powder. Combine into laddoos.

Storage: Store in cool dry place in glass or steel jar preferably.