Desi Poha - 500 g

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Staple Breakfast Meal and Anytime Snack. Low calorie Probiotic. Fibre-rich Traditional Superfood! Product of Natural Farming.

Community Impact: Organically grown by NPOP certified farmers, practicing natural farming.

Processing: With love by community women farmer groups.


Health benefits: Fibre-rich. Controls Blood sugar levels, Diabetic Friendly. A good probiotic, healthy for the gut. Good source of healthy carbohydrates. Easily digestible. Rich in iron, reduces risk of anemia. Low in calories. Energy booster.


How to Use: Staple breakfast food of Maharashtra. Anytime healthy snack. Kanda Poha, Batata poha, pakodas, chivda, dry bhel mix with roasted flakes, dry roast on a tawa to sprinkle on salads, yogurt, desserts, milk. Mix into cutlet/tikki, desserts and bakes.


Recipe: Poha Pakoda/Tikki

Take 1 cup poha in a bowl and add to it 2 finely chopped onions, red chillis, ½ tbs cornflour, coriander leaves and salt to taste. Mix well. Cook 2 potatoes, then peel and mash them. Mix both and roll into small balls. Heat Taru Groundnutoil in pan and shallow fry in medium heat. For tikki, cook both sides on iron tawa with a sprinkling of oil. Serve with mint & coriander chutney!


Storage: Store in cool dry place in glass or steel jar preferably.